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The Customer Care Manager is responsible for the development and management of all aspects of work and services performed by the Customer Care Department, delivering superior customer service/satisfaction, developing long term profitable relationships with the homeowners and being the company’s point of contact (internal/external) for all after sales services. This includes but not limited to the following:

Team Building/Management/Administration

  1. Develop direction of the team including customer care manual, policies, procedures and filing system
  2. Hire, direct and manage a team of customer care staff; upon owners approval
  3. Develop budget proposal for each project’s customer care costs – purchasers’ gifts etc.
  4. Be the liaison between homeowners and builder by ensuring that the company’s brand and expectations are met through educational materials


The Customer Care Manager is responsible for the management and administration of the following.


  1. The Customer Care Manager is responsible for managing the process of fielding, documenting, researching and responding to home owners concerns and inquiries in a timely and accurate manner.
  2. Manage the resolution of all homeowners concerns and inquiries
  3. Liaise with Tarion to resolve all homeowner’s deficiencies and concerns.

Purchase to Colour Selection

  1. Maintain and process purchasers information into database & mailing list
  2. Create purchasers file folders and soft copy backup (PDF)
  3. Record Notice Dates for an Occupancy Delay (90 days prior to First Tentative Occupancy Date)
  4. Send out Congratulation/introduction Letters to Purchasers

Colour Selection

  1. Attend Coordination Meetings with Construction Manager
  2. Send out Newsletters
  3. Send out Colour Selection Letters to purchasers
  4. Review Colour Selection Meetings & distribute documents to relevant parties
  5. Follow Tarion Delayed Occupancy Policy
  6. Implement the Warranty Protocols (we need to have one)
  7. Notify purchasers upon completion of the roof slab

Colour Selection to PDI

  1. Setup Site Customer Care Office
  2. Create the Homeowners orientation package
  3. Liaise with the Construction Manager and send out PDI letters
  4. Conduct internal pre-PDI’s
  5. Compliance with Warranty protocols
  6. Notify purchasers upon completion of the roof slab

PDI to Interim Occupancy

  1. Conduct PDI’s and distribute Homeowners Orientation Package
  2. Obtain appropriate document sign-offs
  3. Distribute signed-off documents to relevant parties
  4. Follow-up with trades to ensure that deficiencies are addressed
  5. Manage purchase order, estimates and invoice processes in response to purchasers’ deficiency issues.

Interim Occupancy to 30-Day Form

  1. Present keys to purchasers & obtain signoffs
  2. Escort purchasers to suites & possibly present a welcome gifts


  1. Letter to Purchaser regarding Tarion Release
  2. Letter to Purchaser regarding Property Management Appointment
  3. Letter to Purchasers at Closing (re: Registration imminent)
  4. Communications regarding Registration
  5. Invitations to the Hand over BBQ Event
  6. 1-Year Form
  7. 2-Year Form

The Warranty Protocol, Customer Care policy, and detailed job descriptions should be developed by Customer Care Manager, subject to management approval.

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